One effective way to drop excess pounds in a healthy manner is through cardiovascular exercises that focus on running. However, one of the biggest hurdles for women who begin exercising is sticking to a long-term training program. I have personally faced this hurdle many times, but have managed to come up a great formula to overcome it.

In order to achieve your weight loss goals, by focusing on proper nutrition and a using specialized training program, you will already be on the right path to get results. Once you start to see those initial results, those small improvements in your energy and body composition, you will be more motivated to continue training and maintain your physical health.

So in order to help you achieve your personal aspirations, we have a few useful tips and strategies that you can implement into your life today, that will make an immediate impact in your ability to achieve all your personal weight loss goals.

How to Set Weight Loss Goals

Women's Weight Scale

The first step you need to do when you want to improve your physical health and shed a couple extra pounds is to set a weight loss goal. This gives you something to strive for, and acts as motivation when your alarm goes off at 6 am, so you can squeeze in a quick run before work.

No goal is too big or small – whether its five pounds or 50 pounds, it extremely helpful to have something you are working towards. Print it out and tape it on your bathroom mirror.

The sense of accomplishment and satisfaction that you feel upon reaching that goal – and you will if you stick to these guidelines- usually results in you setting another goal for yourself, even if it’s just to maintain that goal weight.

Proper Nutrition To Lose Weight

One of the most important factors while trying to lose weight running is eating healthy. Eating too little, or skipping meals, can be extremely dangerous and is not recommended. More so, it deprives your muscles of the fuel you need to keep going.

What is more important than the number of calories you consume per day, is the quality of the calories you consume. It can be difficult to generalize with nutrition recommendations, as each woman’s body is unique.

Before deciding on one type of diet per se, the most important factor is that you test how your specific body responds to different foods. Try modifying one factor in your diet, from different foods, to meal size, to meal timing. Test each variable for a week and see how your body responds.

Noting your results in a journal can be a great way to always have a reference point, as your optimal dietary plan is created.

You have to be careful not to overcompensate, and ensure you are eating foods that will adequately fuel your body for longer runs. As a rule of thumb, you need to burn 3500 calories through running and other daily activities in order to lose weight.

Nutrition to Lose Weight

As an example, one popular nutrition plan used by many female athletes is the following:

1) Choose smaller serving sizes of calorie dense foods, eating meals more frequently throughout the day

2) Incorporate healthy alternative such as fresh fruit, instead of processed sugars

3) Enjoy steamed or baked vegetables instead of fried foods

4) Whole grain carbohydrates instead of processed starches

After adjusting my dietary patterns and tracking the modifications in my food journal, I can honestly say diet is the largest factor in achieving my weight loss goals. More than the workout itself, improvements in my diet made the greatest changes to my body.

Follow the suggestions above, and you too will see how making these small changes to your diet will result in significant improvements to your body composition, and long-lasting changes over time that will help increase your confidence energy levels!

Best Exercises to Lose Weight

The first thing to realize when you decide to lose weight is that you have to be consistent, and really commit to making time to exercise everyday. If this goal sounds unattainable, start out doing some sort of running or walking every other day, and cross train on your days off. Because, let’s be honest – running only once every 7-10 days is not going to get you the results you desire.

As you get into your training routine, it is very important to have the best pair of women’s athletic shoes for your specific body. If you aren’t sure what type of trainers are best for your needs, take a look at our athletic shoe buying. Getting the right pair of trainers will go a long way to ensure that you pain and injury free during your workouts.

You should really strive to making exercising a daily habit, not only for the physical results you will inevitably get, but also because it will make your workout seem less like work, and just another part of your daily ritual to becoming a better, stronger, healthier you!

If you are really struggling staying consistent with your runs, grab one of our free running training programs that will help you stay focused and structured.

Also, for advanced women athletes, including speed training exercises in your running program will dramatically improve your weight loss results in addition to your race times. This type of interval training will increase the amount of calories your body is burning in a very short time span.

Speed workouts have plenty of other benefits including building muscle mass, and raising your resting metabolism rate, allowing your body to continue burning fat after your workout is complete. This is just one way to lose weight running, but there are many variations.

If you have been successful at losing weight running, please share your story and tips!