Through hours of grueling work, RunPals has created (and tested) this half marathon training schedule to ensure you are ready for that next big race.

My first half marathon was an accident. When I moved to LA, one of the first things I did was join a women’s running group because:

Half Marathon Training Schedule Run

(1) I did not know a soul in L.A., and

(2) I knew I had to do something to stay in shape in the city of models, actresses, and beautiful people.

I ran with these girls a few times a week, and did whatever they told me. We are running 5 miles today? Ok. 9 miles now? I’m in.

What I didn’t realize is half of the group was training for a half marathon in Sedona, AZ, and the rest of us were just following their training schedule.

Since I wasn’t training for a race, I wasn’t stringent about making it to every run, but I made it to most of them.

A week before race day, one of the girls dropped out of the race. I was asked if I would be interested in taking her place.

“Do you even need to ask!?”

I jumped at the opportunity, and finished my first half marathon in 2 hours and 13 minutes!

1/2 Marathon Running Cheerleader

Now, I do NOT recommend this strategy. The only reason I participated in the half marathon was that I had been training with a group following a schedule. Even with this preparation, there was still aching pain that followed.

What I do recommend when training for a longer race (ex. half-marathon) is running with a partner or group and following a great schedule (see below).

Having someone that can motivate you, hold you accountable, and to help you pace yourself are the biggest reasons I like running groups.

You will inevitably have to run alone sometimes, but try to find a buddy for the longer runs – trust me, it will keep you going!

Finally, you need to realize that a half marathon is going to take dedication. You have to make a conscious effort everyday – whether it’s raining, 30 degrees outside, or someone just gave you free tickets to see your favorite band. Make time for your runs, and it will pay off.

Half Marathon TRace Metal

Following is our 14 week half marathon training schedule, including suggestions for cross training.

It has worked for me and it will work for you. Trust in the schedule and you will be rewarded- victory, success, great feelings of personal achievement- it’s yours to take!

After your half marathon training schedule is complete, be sure to check out our race day checklist!

RunPals Half Marathon Training Program

1 rest 1 x-train* 1 x-train 1 2 5
2 rest 1 x-train 2 x-train 1 3 7
3 rest 2 x-train 2 x-train 1 4 9
4 rest 2 x-train 2 x-train 2 5 11
5 rest 3 x-train 3 x-train 2 6 14
6 rest 3 x-train 3 x-train 3 7 16
7 rest 4 x-train 3 x-train 3 8 18
8 rest 4 x-train 3 x-train 3 9 19
9 rest 4 x-train 4 x-train 3 10 21
10 rest 5 x-train 4 x-train 4 9 22
11 rest 5 x-train 4 x-train 4 11 24
12 rest 6 x-train 4 x-train 4 12 26
13 rest 5 x-train 4 x-train 3 6 18
14 rest rest x-train rest x-train rest RACE DAY! 13.1! BRAVO

*Our favorite cross training exercises for runners.