Considered a premium minimalist shoe, the Ecco Biom Natural Motion, is designed to help cultivate your foot’s natural motion.

ECCO, a Danish shoemaker, created the Biom Natural Motion line around the basic principle that your foot is a complex and powerful tool that can be transformed to be a natural cushioning system.

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However, traditional running shoes make the foot lazy because it can rely on the shoe’s features for cushion and support. This results in a weaker, less responsive tool that cannot handle the robustness of running without the help of a well-cushioned or motion control shoe.

This led to the creation of the Biom Natural Motion running shoe, which allows you to use and strengthen your feet, resulting in a more natural approach to running. The Biom Natural Motion’s construction is meant to help you transition effortlessly into minimalist training without overprotecting the foot or thwarting the natural motion.

By training with the Biom Natural Motion by ECCO, your feet and lower leg muscles will gradually build strength, and relearn how to stabilize on its own. This will result in a more controlled, natural motion without relying on the support and cushioning features found in traditional trainers.

ECCO scanned over 2,500 feet to create the perfect runners fit. The Biom Natural Motion is designed to be a replica of the foot, and feel more like a second skin than a shoe.

The Biom’s design is kept low profile by using only the necessary amount of cushioning and inlay necessary to protect and guide your foot into a more natural motion. ECCO realized they could take more cushioning and support out of an expert’s shoe than a newbie’s, so they created different versions for different runners.

Another unique feature in the BIOM is the biomechanical sole design, which enables your foot to move naturally. The Biom Natural Motion has a high-tech direct-injected PU rubber outsole that is a one-piece unit, and is permanently bonded to the upper. This also acts as excellent midsole arch support, and promotes natural pronation.

The Biom Natural Motion also puts a lot of detail and design into the heel with three major features. A rounded heel and horizontal heel flex work together to promote a more natural strike point at the heel’s center. Also, the Biom’s feature an Energy Return Heel pad that maximizes shock absorption and engages your lower leg muscles.

A final touch that really helps create a dynamic minimalist feeling with the Biom is an anatomically constructed shank system that runs along the mid and forefoot offering the necessary stability you need without relegating the foot’s natural torsion.

Is Ecco Biom The Best Running Shoe For Me?

When designing the shoe, ECCO considered that runners are not all at the same experience level. Instead of making a shoe that could accommodate everyone, they decided to make three versions of the Biom Natural Motion to really maximize performance and meet the specific needs of each runner.

Biom A is designed for the serious runner (<6:30 min/mile), and is only available in men’s sizes. However, Biom B is geared for the fitness runner (<9:30 min/mile) and is available for both men and women, as is Biom C, which is ideal for the occasional runner (<13:00 min/mile).

Though all three versions of the Biom use the same technology, the major differences are sole height, inlay, and weight. The leanest and lightest is naturally geared towards the more serious runner, and graduates upward depending on your fitness level.

Additionally, they have two versions of each Biom level. The 2.1 versions are all constructed with leather upper for maximum durability and strength, which also features a ventilation system to enhance breathability. This version also has a P2I treatment by ionMask, which is essentially a water-repellent coating on the upper.

The second version is the 2.2, which is constructed using a more traditional performance mesh upper that also provides support and ventilation to the shoe. Both versions essentially weigh the same, but offer a different feel. So, it’s really a question of what you are most comfortable with.

Overall, ECCO really considered every runner’s needs in a minimalist shoe. Their goal with the Biom Natural Motion is to provide a shoe that strengthens and engages your feet and lower leg muscles, providing the same feeling and benefits of barefoot running.

The Biom’s construction succeeds at maximizing your performance, providing the features necessary to help your body relearn the movements and stability made dormant by traditional running shoes.

I will leave you with a quote from ECCO that really sums up the Biom Natural Motion running shoe: “Run as Nature Intended.”

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