Go beyond your limit wherever you work or play with the Brooks Transcend, a running shoe that offers just the right amount of stability with the cushioning that every woman desires.

The Transcend is an ideal option for women who overpronate to a fairly moderate degree, which means just a touch of inner-foot stability where you need it the most.

It is a bit heavier compared to some of the other options for moderate overpronators, such as the Ravenna 5, which weighs 9 ounces compared to the 11 ounces that this shoe weighs. But it is still a moderately light weight shoe and features some wonderfully innovative Brooks running technology.

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The Transcend also comes in fun blue and pink color combinations that I’m sure you’ll love as much as I do, although it would be nice to have some more choices. Style aside, though, the construction of this shoe is what is most important. That superior construction provides a number of benefits to women that are moderate overpronators, which include:

  • The ability to set a more natural pace with a curved heel that will set you up each time for a more natural and fluid stride.
  • Support for the hips, knees, and joints to promote a more natural line due to upper guide rail technology that keeps the lateral and medial sides where they should be.
  • A secure fit provided by a breathable mesh upper material.
  • Superior comfort in the shoe thanks to the soft velvety upper lining.
  • Ultimate responsiveness so you can run better, superior shock absorption, and environmentally friendly long-lasting cushioning in the midsole area provided by the innovative BioMoGo/DNA blend.
  • Evenly distributed weight between the forefoot, midfoot, and heel resulting from the uniquely shaped outsole that is made from synthetic materials.

The Brooks Transcend does not feature as much of Brooks’ specially engineered technology as some of the other running shoes offered by the company, but it is still an impressive trainer. Although it is popular amongst runners, it is also ideal for working out in the gym and for casual wear too.

The lack of color options make it difficult to match this shoe up with everything you wear but it looks great when you do. All in all this is a great shoe for the everyday runner or woman who works out and needs an everyday athletic shoe.

If you don’t experience severe overpronation when you walk or run then this shoe would definitely be a good option, but for more severe overpronators more stability than what this shoe offers is necessary.

Brooks makes a number of great running shoes for severe overpronators that provide superior cushioning and support. One of our favorites is the supportive Brooks Ariel, packed with a Progressive Diagonal Rollbar that delivers great pronation control and two cool color options. It’s easy to see why this model continues to receive amazing feedback from testers.

Overpronators need more stability, and although the Brooks Transcend is designed for moderate overpronators it does not offer the most stability that you can get from a Brooks athletic shoe. The stability needed for severe overpronators is found in the arch area of Ariel just mentioned, so as to keep the foot from rolling inward during activity.

Preventing this rolling inward from happening can help protect you from serious injury and keep you from dealing with the pain that such issues cause. If your overpronation is not a serious issue then there is no reason why the Brooks Transcend can’t be the perfect new athletic shoe for you.

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