Are you tired of feeling pain in your feet, legs, and knees when you run? Do you need just a little bit more stability when you run or walk? If so, the Brooks Ravenna 5 is an amazing athletic shoe that could be perfect for you.

You’re not the first woman to experience pain because you’re not wearing the right kind of shoes for your feet, and you certainly will not be the last. The problem is that many women (just like you and me) haven’t learned that there are so many different types of shoes that work to correct various pains and injuries.

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Womens Brooks Ravenna 5 Athletic Shoes

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Brooks Ravenna 5

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The Brooks Ravenna 5 is designed to address the problems caused by slight overpronation, an issue fairly common among both men and women. Those women that have this type of running stride tend to need a shoe that offers a combination of cushioning and a touch of stability- exactly what you will get from the Ravenna 5.

The Ravenna has long been a popular Brooks model for its sleek look and innovative design. That look has stuck with it, and is offered in two different color combinations that I love, particularly the blue and coral.

What has changed even more about the Ravenna over the years is the addition of new technology as it develops. Check out all of the innovative technology packed in every pair of Ravenna ‘s:

  • A breathable, moisture managing light microfiber Element upper that will keep your feet dry for the long haul.
  • Control for your mild pronation provided by the Diagonal Rollbar, which also supports a smoother transition every time.
  • Flexibility that helps you run better, along with extra cushioning resulting from the addition of the signature insole board that runs the length of the shoe, the S-257 Cushsole midsole.
  • Individualized shock absorption and cushioning that will last a lot longer but still break down in the landfill when you decide it’s time for new ones due to the environmentally friendly BioMoGo/DNA blend midsole.
  • Enhanced smoothness during transitions resulting from separated heel and midfoot crash pads.
  • Superior fit provided by an adjustable saddle.
  • Light cushioning under foot provided by a removable insole made from molded foam.
  • Better balance and heel strike and toe-off due to the Forefoot Stable Pod Construction technology, which works to keep your foot stable and centered.
  • Durability where you need it most with HPR Plus outsole technology.
  • Enhanced flexibility and additional support provided by a rubber Flextra outsole component.
  • Independent function of forefoot and heel provided by the DRB ACCEL technology.
  • Enhanced fit and better function with a Universal ½ Sprung Platform.
  • Feet that can move naturally due to the innovative Omega Flex Grooves.

Female athletes who have tested the newest version of the Ravenna 5 are thoroughly impressed with the amount of cushioning in this shoe. The reviewers that seem to love this shoe tend to be mild overpronators with weak but not necessarily flat arches.

Is the Brooks Ravenna 5 Suitable for Severe Overpronators?

While the Brooks Ravenna 5 is a great option for women who overpronate to a minor degree there are better options for severe overpronators. If you overpronate to a large degree, you will need more stability on the outer edge of the shoe than what the Ravenna offers in order to avoid any pain during your workout. A couple of great options for overpronators from Brooks include:

  • Brooks Addiction 11 – With an MC Pod design that further promotes stability and a Progressive Diagonal Rollbar that offers pronation control.
  • Brooks Ariel – With the MC Pod design, the Progressive Diagonal Rollbar, and superior traction. Highly recommended by the team at RunPals.

These two models are somewhat similar, and they both offer features that the Brooks Ravenna 5 can’t give you if you are a severe overpronator. If you only slightly overpronate then it’s worth picking up a pair of the popular Ravenna 5’s.

RunPals Rated: Brooks Ravenna 5
5.0 Star Rating: Recommended (5.0 out of 5)

Womens Brooks Ravenna 5
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