If you’re the type of runner that not only loves the feel of the ground beneath your feet, then the Brooks PureConnect 3 should be your short list for your next running shoe.

This minimalist athletic shoe is part of the Pure Project Collection and is designed for the neutral runner that is looking for a more natural feel when they run. It’s lightweight, even lighter than the very similar Brooks PureCadence 3, and allows for better function and speed without lacking in sufficient support for women with normal arches.

If this sounds like you and these things are something you’re looking for in a running shoe then it’s worth your time and effort to give the Brooks PureConnect 3 a try.

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Womens Brooks PureConnect 3 Athletic Shoes

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There are many things to love about this shoe in addition to its exceptional minimalist feel. The PureConnect 3 comes in two different contemporary color combinations. I would wear either one, but I absolutely love the orange and blue version which have a very modern look to them.

Being the minimalist shoe that it is there is much less outsole compared to typical athletic shoes, which adds to the stylish look. Although style is surely important when you go to buy new athletic shoes, what is even more important is that they function properly for you. For some women this can be even more difficult when it comes to looking for a minimalist running shoe, as some female athletes need extra support and stability that they may not find in this type of shoe.

This is why the features are even more important than anything else, because you want to know what you’re getting from an athletic shoe. Only then can you determine if it is the right shoe for you. The features in the Brooks PureConnect 3 include:

  • Synthetic overlays that are made from a super breathable mesh used in the upper to keep your feet cool and dry.
  • Insoles made from a molded foam material that offers light cushioning under the feet without a lot of added extra weight.
  • Collar and tongue made from plush materials that provide top of the foot comfort.
  • Lining made from soft, breathable material.
  • Specially designed heel that is slim and round, allowing it to promote better alignment of your joints and to provide superior energy return.
  • Special Toe Flex feature that enhances flexibility of the forefoot, allowing you to utilize your natural power and stability each time you push off.
  • Instep Wide Elastic Nav Band supports an ultimately snug, comfortable fit.
  • Full-length midsole made with BioMoGo and DNA technologies to offer an environmentally friendly, long lasting midsole and individualized shock absorption.

These last four features in addition to the Anatomical Last feature that contours the shoe to the shape of your foot make up the signature Brooks “Ideal Technologies.” When combined these technologies support a more natural movement of the body. This is something that serious runners find especially appealing about the Brooks PureConnect 3 and I’m sure you will too.

The Brooks PureConnect 3 is designed for the neutral runner, which most minimalist running shoes are. Although it is not quite as “minimalist” as the Brooks T7 Racer it is more minimalist than the PureCadence 3, which is designed for moderate overpronators, so it has additional cushioning and therefore added weight and bulk.

If you’re looking for something with even more support then a minimalist shoe may not be for you. A couple of Brooks running shoes that offer great support for moderate overpronators include:

  • Brooks Ravenna 5 – Always a very popular shoe for its combination of style, weight, and support.
  • Brooks Transcend – With Transcend guide rails that provide support for the hips, joints, and knees.

The feel of a minimalist running shoe is quite the experience but not for everybody. If you need more support then these are great options. If you love the minimalist feel too, though, then the PureConnect 3 is definitely a speedy model to check out from Brooks.

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Womens Brooks PureConnect 3
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