Ready to run so fast it will seem as if you just materialized at your destination? Make this dream a reality with the Brooks Ghost 6, a superior running shoe for women.

The Ghost 6 comes hot off the heels of the Brooks Ghost 5, which got rave reviews from women who wear them to do everything from running competitively to chasing kids around in the park. This is truly a wear anywhere shoe, and since it comes in three different color combinations you can find a color that perfectly matches your style- including my favorite, the red and gray.

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Womens Brooks Ghost 6 Athletic Shoes

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Brooks Ghost 6

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The new Ghost 6 is already getting great reviews too, with many of the testers pointing to the added cushioning, the shorter heel to toe differential, the new flat laces, and the lack of needing a break-in period as being the best changes that have been made since the Ghost 5.

In addition to the new features that Brooks added, there are plenty great features of the Ghost 6 that are common in many Brooks running shoes that make it the popular shoe that it is too. Those features provide invaluable benefits for the women who wear this amazing running shoe and include:

  • A more comfortable feel inside the shoe and drier feet with a light moisture controlling microfiber Element upper and lining.
  • Extra support in the outer shoe with the synthetic overlays.
  • Added comfort provided by an insole made from molded foam.
  • Extra flexibility and cushioning that come from the innovative and environmentally friendly S-257 Cushsole midsole.
  • Natural movement of the foot allowed by the Omega Flex Grooves.
  • Traction even on wet roads and extra forefoot cushioning resulting from the use of soft blown rubber.
  • Outsole durability like you have never seen before due to the HPR Plus technology.
  • Ultimately smooth transitions thanks to the midfoot and heel crash pads.
  • Superior fit and function for any woman provided by the Universal Sprung Platform.
  • Shock absorption tailored to your individual needs with the signature DNA technology.
  • A long lasting, superior cushioned environmentally friendly full-length BioMoGo midsole that works with DNA to provide ultimate comfort.

The Brooks Ghost 5 is designed for the neutral runner to the underpronator, so it doesn’t have the stability that women with weaker arches need. This lightweight athletic shoe, weighing only 9 ounces compared to the very similar Brooks Dyad 7 that weighs 11 ounces, is ideal for the woman looking for a stylish running shoe.

If you have never experienced pain or a lack of stability when you run then the Ghost 6 is a terrific option. However, if you experience overpronation issues, it is probably a good idea to seek out other options that offer more stability.

Depending on the extent of your overpronation there are various options available from Brooks. Some are for moderate overpronators while others are for those that have more serious issues. Those for moderate overpronators offer just a touch of support and most are fairly lightweight, even with the extra support and cushioning. A couple great options from Brooks include:

Both of these shoes offer style and function as well as moderate pronation control, which will help to keep the foot from rolling inward.

If this is not an issue that you have, then there is no reason not to consider the Brooks Ghost 6 as your next running shoe. Chances are you will be very pleased if you choose this innovative athletic shoe during your next workout.

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Womens Brooks Ghost 6
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