Are your experiencing pain in your knees or ankles during, or possibly after, your workout? If so, we should take a close look into the popular Asics Ariel, specifically designed for female fitness.

Not everyone runs for fun, but if you do then you know how important it is to make sure that you get the right running shoes. Whether you run every day, run every now and then, walk regularly, or workout in a gym, the athletic shoes you wear make a huge difference in a lot of ways. Your comfort, stability, and safety all depend on having the right shoes for you.

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Many women experience overpronation issues which causes an inward roll of the foot when it hits a surface. In order to help prevent this, an athletic shoe that offers extra stability is needed. The Brooks Ariel provides this type of enhanced stability while still offering superior cushioning and style.

The Ariel comes in two different colors and I’m sure you’ll like both of them as much as I do, although the silver and blue is my favorite. Regardless of what you think of the color combinations, though, one thing is for sure and that is that you will definitely love how this shoe feels on you.

Some pretty amazing features are responsible for providing that great feel, comfortable cushioning, and superior support. This is what you get when you choose the Brooks Ariel:

  • A shoe you can wear for longer because the outsoles are made more durable and resistant due to the use of the signature High Performance Rubber (HPR).
  • Stiffer medial and lateral support that allows the forefoot and heel to each act independently, which results in a smoother ride every time, delivered by the DRB ACCEL midfoot system.
  • Experience smoother transition and get the control you need for pronation with the Progressive Diagonal Rollbar (PDRB).
  • Get the stability and responsiveness you you’re looking for by having your foot in a more balanced position resulting from the MC Pod technology.
  • Stay comfortable for longer with the environmentally friendly, long lasting cushioning provided by the full length BioMoGo midsole, which breaks down faster in landfills too!
  • Reap the benefits of getting the shock absorption you personally need with the original DNA technology that will adjust to your individual foot.
  • Experience all day shoe dryness due to moisture management provided by the Element sockliner.
  • Be safer when you run and workout due to the support saddle inside the shoe that keeps your foot locked in better.
  • Get light support and water resistance from synthetic overlays and the Element upper fabric.

The Brooks Ariel offers the right support in all the right places if you experience overpronation. This support provides both enhanced stability and extra cushioning.

If you need the same kind of support that this shoe offers but would prefer a different style the Brooks Addiction 11 is a comparable alternative and is another impressive shoe designed for women with this type of stride.

Can I Wear the Brooks Ariel if I Don’t Overpronate?

Athletic shoes designed for overpronators are built quite a bit differently than those made for neutral runners. While you can wear the Ariel if you pronate normally you may find you like the options for neutral or mild pronating runners better. Such options tend to have a lower profile, more color options, and a lighter weight. A few of our top recommended Brooks shoes are:

  • Brooks Ravenna 5 – Great design with three stylish color options, mild pronation shoe.
  • Brooks Glycerin 11 – Excellent traction and three individual styles, neutral pronation shoe.
  • Brooks Dyad 7 – Enhanced cushioning and contemporary style, neutral pronation shoe.

A lot of Brooks running shoes have many of the same features, but these specific models get extra points for being stylish and functional.

The Brooks Ariel is also stylish and functional but simply might not be the best choice for your type of foot. If it isn’t you have these other great alternatives.

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Womens Brooks Ariel
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