The Brooks T7 Racer is viewed as an extension of the foot by many runners. The latest T7 Racer is an extremely light (6 oz) and flexible shoe for both experienced male and female runners with a neutral foot.

Some runners have called the Racer a “next step shoe” meaning that if you are ready to trade stability for speed, this is the shoe for you.

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Brooks T7 Running Shoes

Brooks T7 Racer Brooks T7 Racer Brooks T7 Racer Brooks T7 Racer
Brooks T7 Racer Brooks T7 Racer Brooks T7 Racer

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This is a serious racing shoe ladies and gentleman. The Racer shows some chutzpah when challenged anywhere from 5k to the ½ marathon.

Brooks continues to provide comfort to the Racer line through its Hydrowflow gel system. Hydrowflow dampens the shock a runner’s foot feels caused by strike impact.

Hyper Pod Configuration in the mid and outer sole balances the foot properly while ensuring the runner a smooth foot landing. Hyper Pod engineering combined with Hydrowflow fluid provide a smooth heel to toe transition without sacrificing flexibility needed for increased speed.

Brooks has upgraded the T7 Racer from its predecessor the T6 Racer ever so slightly. The upper is redesigned with a new asymmetric lacing system, which bends more easily with the foot’s natural motion.

The T7 also has a redesigned color scheme, highlighted with bold colors and a large “Brooks” stamp across the toe box. Without question, your competition will know you mean business when you step up to that starting line.

Is Brooks T7 Racer The Best Running Shoe For Me?

The Bottom line with the Brooks T7 Racer is speed, speed, and more speed!

The T7 Racer has been called a running “minimalist” shoe. Users of the T7 Racer have been known to skip their wearing of socks, and enjoy their run “au naturel”, if you will.

Some runners have expressed disappointment in the flyweight champion’s durability. Because of the emphasis on creating a lightweight speed shoe, the T7’s may wear out on you before you get to the big race. This complaint is common in lightweight performance shoes, and you may want to test these first in a half marathon.

The bottom line is if you are an experienced runner looking for Brooks’ best racing shoe with increased speed and very lightweight comfort, the T7 Racer may be for you. In a world where every second counts, this shoe will shave minutes off your race time.

The T7 Racer is not recommended for the novice runner. Individuals in the early stages of their running development will want to pursue a different line of shoe from Brooks, such as the Brooks Ghost 3 or the
Brooks Glycerin 8. If you want this same performance but designed for overpronators, the Brooks ST5 Racer will provide the same performance, but with a little stability.

Please note the T7 Racer is only offered with a unisex sizing. Brooks recommends that women should order a 1.5 sizes smaller to get the correct fit.

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4.5 Star Rating: Recommended (4.5 out of 5)

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