The Brooks ST5 Racer has often been described as light enough for a 5k while durable enough for a marathon. Brooks has evolved the wildly popular T7 Racer and added a measure of stability for overpronators to create the ST Racer.

If you feel like you are running in cement shoes and desire a lighter weight vehicle without sacrificing stability, the ST Racer is a wise choice. The Brooks ST Racer is light, flexible shoe for experienced runners with neutral to moderate overpronation seeking freedom from the shackles of their heavy trainers.

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Brooks ST5 Running Shoes

Brooks ST5 Racer Brooks ST5 Racer Brooks ST5 Racer Brooks ST5 Racer
Brooks ST5 Racer Brooks ST5 Racer Brooks ST5 Racer

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A Diagonol Roll Bar in the midsole provides a stable environment for each runner’s foot. This highly dense medial post allows for a natural heel to toe transition while minimizing foot slippage. DRB Accel plastic is added to control midfoot torque and put a smile on the face of even the most doggedly flat-footed runners.

The patented Hydrowflow gel system in the heel reduces foot strike impact and provides a strong rebound for each stride taken. Hydrowflow responds to each foot strike uniquely dependent upon the runner’s height, weight, and gait.

The Air Mesh breathable upper includes microfiber overlays that enhance moisture resistance and increase comfort.

Fans of the ST4 will be happy to know that the updates to the latest iteration the ST5 are very subtle. The ST5 has minimal changes in the shoe’s performance, but comes out with a very strong orange and blue color scheme.

Is Brooks ST5 Racer The Best Running Shoe For Me?

Running aficionados were pleased with the ST5’s high performance, durable rubber outsole, which provides a long life for the shoe. The shoe’s older brother, the Brooks T7 Racer, has found a few critics due to its ultra lightweight outer that may breakdown faster than the ST5.

Some devotees have echoed the need for an experience specific running shoe. The ST5 Racer’s added stability and lightweight construction make it a versatile shoe for any course, whether it is a race or training. In a world where versatility and value are tantamount, the ST5’s provide a convincing case to your feet.

Perhaps you’re searching for a more traditional motion control shoe from Brooks. In this case, options such as the Brooks Adrenaline GTS 11 and Brooks Trance 10 are right down your alley.

Any committed runner looking to take the next step, but weary of having a naked feel on their feet, should consider the Brooks ST5 Racer. The shoe is ideal for experienced distance runners looking to increase speed without sacrificing stability and comfort.

The ST5 is only offered with a unisex sizing. Brooks recommends that women should order a 1.5 sizes smaller to get the correct fit.

If you are serious about training for long distance and need a “kick” in your step, upgrade to the ST5 Racer by Brooks.

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Brooks ST5 Racer
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