Look no further than the Brooks Ravenna 2 if you are a neutral to moderate overpronator searching for a snug and secure fit for your feet. Comfort and stability plus without the cement shoe feeling are the phrases runners are using to describe the Brooks Ravenna.

With a weight of 10.6 oz men’s, 9.0 oz women’s, the Ravenna can be used for race day as well as grueling training sessions. Any fan will tell you that Brooks is a serious runner’s shoe. Brooks is constantly updating their running shoe lines while listening to the everyday runner’s input and making improvements.

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Brooks Ravenna Running Shoes

Brooks Ravenna 2 Brooks Ravenna 2 Brooks Ravenna 2 Brooks Ravenna 2
Brooks Ravenna 2 Brooks Ravenna 2 Brooks Ravenna 2 Brooks Ravenna 2 Mens
Brooks Ravenna 2 Womens Brooks Ravenna 2 Womens

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The Ravenna 2 has all the bells and whistles Brooks has to offer. The patented DNA cushioning system throughout the midsole evenly disperses foot strike impact throughout the runner’s body.

Many shoes deliver the blow directly to the knees and shins. Brooks likes to keep their runners on the track in front of the pack, not in the orthopedists office. Check out the caterpillar crash pad that also helps dampen even the heaviest heel striker’s foot impact.

Exclusive to Ravenna is a 3D adjustable saddle in the arch. This arch saddle wraps around your foot to create the optimal instep every mild overpronator desires.

The Diagnol Roll Bar and DRB Accel provide a customized feel for each runner’s foot. This medial foam post ensures every runner a smooth and stable run while not having to worry about a season ending injury caused by ankle wobbles.

Heel to toe transition efficiency is quite remarkable in this shoe. An engineered stable pod configuration on the mid and outsole place the foot in the optimal position for heel strike to toe off. These separate pods offer maximum stability and resilience without compromising comfort.

Element super microfiber breathable mesh uppers keep the foot dry and happy. The airy, ventilated mesh allows other than desired odors an escape route. Microfiber mesh combines with a profile, booty like sock liner to further enhance foot comfort.

HPR Plus abrasion resistant rubber outsoles give the Ravenna a much longer life on the road than most other shoes in its class. This makes the Ravenna a sensible shoe, as you will not be forced to replace them at an unreasonable rate. Thank you Brooks, every dollar counts.

If you are like most runners and care were your running shoe ultimately winds up, whether it be in Staten Island or an ocean barge, BioMogo technology makes the Ravenna an environmentally preferred choice. BioMogo rubber breaks down at a rate 50% faster than any other midsole in the industry.

Is Brooks Ravenna 2 The Best Running Shoe For Me?

For mild overpronators looking for maximum comfort and stability, the Brooks Ravenna comes highly recommended.

Runners wearing the Brooks Adreanaline GTS 11 have told us they also own the Ravenna. It looks like the major difference between the two shoes is the 3D adjustable arch strap that is used to lock down the foot.

Wearers of the Brooks Beast/Ariel looking for a lighter shoe and alternate modes of stabilization also have flock towards Ravenna. If you do not require a stability plus shoe, but are wary of shin splints and ankle rolls try the Brooks Trance 10, you can’t go wrong.

The Brooks Ravenna 2 is the complete package, offering a comfortable, lightweight running shoe in a variety of cool colors. If this combination appeals to you, have them shipped to your door FREE, compliments of Zappos.

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4.0 Star Rating: Recommended (4.0 out of 5)

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