The Brooks Launch is a reincarnation of the now laid to rest Brooks Burn. This ultra lightweight (9.1 oz average men’s size) model provides a minimalist training experience for the neutral runner in search of a speedy shoe.

The Launch is a flat training shoe with more springability than its cousins, the Brooks Ghost or Glycerin. The BioMoGo midsole (decomposes 50x faster than comparable models) dampens foot strike impact while not attempting to control the runners’ gait.

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Brooks Launch Brooks Launch Brooks Launch Brooks Launch
Brooks Launch Brooks Launch Brooks Launch Brooks Launch Womens

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This is a bare essential shoe with no gadgets such as the diagonal roll bar or wedge configurations seen in other models sold by Brooks.

The airy light shoe does contain the patented Hydrowflow gel system in the heel. Hydrowflow absorbs foot strike impact to provide a smooth comfortable ride for each training experience.

The mesh upper is open and very light. This lightweight material allows for maximum foot breathability.

This shoe is highly visible with fantastic bright color schemes. Unlike other training flats, the Launch fits true to size. No more exchanges at the local sporting goods store for those savvy enough to choose this beauty of a shoe.

Is Brooks Launch The Best Running Shoe For Me?

Identifying your type of impact strike will be necessary when purchasing any flat shoe, whether it is for racing or training. The two categories are heel strikers (those who strike the ground first with the heel) and forefoot strikers (those who strike the ground first with the front of there foot).

Heel strikers have found that the Launch’s outer sole tends to wear down after 300 miles of training. Forefoot strikers have reported a significantly higher degree of durability.

Many of the other major shoe manufacturers provide high performance trainers that compete for market share with the Launch. Two of our favorite models to consider are the Mizuno Wave Precision as well as the New Balance 759. The Brooks ST4 Racer is another option from Brooks that will provide a little more cushion for your feet.

If you are looking for a bouncy, fast extension of your foot to train in, the Launch is for you. Keep in mind that this is a stripped down version of other Brooks models.

Many satisfied runners will tell you the importance of good racing shoes, while keeping a pair of Launch’s carefully stored by the front door.

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