The Brooks Adrenaline ASR 7 trail running shoe is a perfect fit for runners looking for a smooth, cushioned, and stable ride.

Brooks has morphed it’s most popular shoe, the Adrenaline GTS, into a trail shoe by wrapping the Adrenaline GTS in a water resistant upper and reconfiguring the rubber bottoms to add traction.

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Brooks Adrenaline ASR 7 Trail Running Shoes

Brooks Adrenaline ASR 7 Brooks Adrenaline ASR 7 Brooks Adrenaline ASR 7 Brooks Adrenaline ASR 7
Brooks Adrenaline ASR 7 Brooks Adrenaline ASR 7 Brooks Adrenaline ASR 7 Brooks Adrenaline ASR 7 Womens

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The Brooks Adrenaline GTS series has sold more shoes for the Brooks family than any other model they currently manufacture. No wonder they chose the Adrenaline as base to create the best possible trail runner Brooks has to offer.

The Adrenaline ASR 7 and the Adrenaline GTS 11 are built almost identically except for the weather resistant materials and additional rubber traction that provide a tad more weight to the shoe. The Adrenaline ASR 7 is 11.7 oz (men) as compared to the GTS’s weight of 11.4 oz (men).

Brooks has changed the cushioning system in the newest version the GTS 11. They have transitioned from the HydrowFlow gel system to their patented DNA cushioning system in the GTS 11. The Adrenaline ASR 7 uses the HydrowFlow system so it is most comparable to an Adrenaline GTS 10 rather than the Adrenaline GTS 11.

The HydrowFlow system uses fluid packs in the heel and fore foot of the shoe. This patented fluid cushioning system helps dampen the blow caused by fore-foot and heel strike impact. HydrowFlow evenly disperses the rebound throughout the runner’s body. This helps prevent those nagging injuries like shin splints and the dreaded “runner’s knee”. The goal is to train and have fun, not to be laid up watching the Flinstones and eating Fritos.

The Adrenaline ASR 7 offers stability as well as good looks and charm. The Progressive Diagonal Roll Bar (or PDRB) helps control mild overpronation. The PDRB promotes a smooth heel to toe-off transitions that guides your feet in the right direction.

When running in the footsteps of Uncas across the Mohican Trail, preventing injury is always the main concern. The PDRB and DRB ACCELL put the fears of ankle rolls caused by off-road debris to rest. This is great news if you are like me and enjoy an extended SOLO run in the great wilderness.

There is a likely reason you are running off road- you love nature. Well, so does Brooks. In every Adrenaline ASR 7 they produce, an environmentally preferred midsole is included. BIOMOGO midsoles decay at a rate up to 50% faster than any other midsole on the market today.

The HPR Green silica based outsole provides maximum wet or dry traction. This durable, weather resistant rubber cuts down any skidding that may occur during an aggressive descention down any mountainous trail. HPR plus blown rubber outers give the Adrenaline ASR 7 a long use life. Durability equals value my friends.

The moisture resistant microfiber upper mesh allows the foot to breathe during the most intense trail training sessions. It is ultra light and aerated with added weather resistant materials that will keep your foot dry and warm.

Is Brooks Adrenaline ASR 7 The Best Running Shoe For Me?

The Adrenaline ASR 7 has trail runners stoked. Just imagine hoofing it through the woods and seeing an American Bald Eagle swooping in on it’s prey. There is nothing better than Mother Nature at work.

While the consensus shows an overwhelming positive response from ASR 7 wearers, a few off road enthusiasts have had minor complaints. Some say that the Adrenaline ASR 7 needs an extensive break-in period.

Other runners point to a narrow fit. This can easily be avoided by purchasing a pair of Adrenaline ASR 7’s a size wider.

Remember to be safe while training off road. Always carry a cell phone and wear highly visible reflective materials if running close to twilight.

As a company, Brooks continues to be a pioneer in environmentally friendly technology as well as personal frugality. The Brooks Adrenaline ASR 7’s provide the versatility that you require, and packs in all the tools you need to enjoy your next run.

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