If you are searching for the best Mizuno running shoes then there’s a very good chance you are a dedicated runner that demands the most from your shoe.

Mizuno has creating some of the finest quality running shoes for athletes, and has developed a cultish following for its products. Whereas you may not be as familiar with the Mizuno brand, give them one try and you may become a loyal fan.

Best Mizuno Running Shoes

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Mizuno Ascend 8 Trail Trail Mizuno Hitogami Mizuno Inspire 10 Mizuno Prophecy 3
Mizuno Rider 17 Mizuno Sayonara Mizuno Creation 15 Mizuno Paradox

The Mizuno name has a strong reputation for creating innovative running shoes that contain the latest advancements, starting with their Mizuno Wave Technology.

The Mizuno Wave comes in differing forms depending on the exact model, and is perhaps the most advanced midsole in the industry. The patented wave technology masterfully reduces shock on the joints by dispersing energy upon each foot strike.

The advancements don’t stop there, as each shoe is packed with unique tools to ensure the shoe adapts to your specific foot. Use the chart below to explore the best options from Mizuno, depending if you have high, medium, or low arches.

Upon lacing up your Mizunos, you can rest assured the designers paid attention to every detail in creating a running shoe that will simply perform. No fancy marketing gimmicks, no high-paid sponsorships, just quality, breathability, and performance.

When looking at your competitors on race day, not everyone will be wearing Mizunos. Nevertheless, those men and women who proudly sport the Mizuno logo will know they have a secret weapon strapped on their feet.

Reviews of the Best Mizuno Running Shoes

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Mizuno Shoes for Overpronators

Mizuno Inspire 10 Womens

Mizuno Inspire 10

Mizuno Paradox Womens

Mizuno Paradox

Mizuno Shoes for Runners with Neutral Gaits

Mizuno Rider 17 Womens

Mizuno Rider 17

Mizuno Creation 15 Womens

Mizuno Creation 15

Mizuno Prophecy 3 Womens

Mizuno Prophecy 3

Mizuno Sayonara Womens

Mizuno Sayonara

Mizuno Minimalist Running Shoes

Mizuno Hitogami Womens

Mizuno Hitogami

Mizuno Trail Running Shoes

Mizuno Ascend 8 Trail Trail Womens

Mizuno Ascend 8 Trail

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Best Mizuno Running Shoes: Mild to Moderate Overpronation:

Best Mizuno Running Shoes: Neutral to Underpronation:

Best Mizuno Trail Running Shoes: