A really great beginner training schedule incorporates a run/walk technique because it allows you to build up your endurance. Doing this will eventually allow you to run for extended periods of time.

Beginner Training Schedule

However, this is not something you start out with, but rather a goal that you work towards.

1) Beginning each run with a warm-up is a critical step! A good warm-up raises your muscles’ temperature for optimal efficiency, and also ensures that they are sufficiently supplied with oxygen.

You will also raise your heart rate, which will alleviate additional stress on the heart when you begin your run.

2) Once you are warm, start off with a brisk walk. After five minutes, transition into an easy jog. Maintain this pace for 1 minute, then resume with the brisk walk, but don’t stop!

3) Just as it’s important to maintain a brisk walk in the walking portions of this program, it’s just as crucial to watch your form during the running. Your head should be up, your back straight, and shoulders level.

4) Use proper arm technique: Make sure your arms are by your sides, hands are relaxed, and try not to bounce, as this can waste energy.

Instead, make it a practice to pump your arms, so that you keep your heart rate elevated. This will definitely work those cardiovascular muscles, which is a big part of becoming a runner.

5) As you progress with this program from week to week, you need to extend the distance/time you are running, and reduce the distance/time you are walking.

6) When you have achieved your running goal, and find yourself able to run for long stretches without stopping, don’t feel like you need to abandon your run/walk program.

Women's Run Walk Program

Many successful runners, including myself, use this method in training runs to help increase overall speed, and reduce fatigue.

Once you have successfully conquered the beginner training schedule, check out one of our 5k training schedule, and start training for your first race!

This may sound daunting, but once you make it to your first finish line, the overwhelming feeling of achievement will leave you craving more!

Come on! Let’s get started today!