Tired of having multiple shoes for every running condition that you encounter? Enter the Asics Venture 4, a trainer that is considered a trail shoe, yet goes as good on flat pavement as it does out in the woods.

It can easily become your one shoe that does it all, eliminating the need to buy numerous pairs and plan ahead as to where your run is going to take you. This particular model is considered best for runners with neutral strides and for underpronating runners, meaning it fits those who naturally have their foot rolls outward while running.

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Asics Venture 4 Trail new Asics Venture 4 Trail top Asics Venture 4 Trail bottom Asics Venture 4 Trail outside
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Asics Venture 4 Trail Asics Venture 4 Trail

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The Venture 4 is the successor to the popular Asics GEL Venture 3, which is no longer on the market.

What makes the Asics Venture 4 the shoe of choice for those who run both off road and on pavement is the numerous pieces of technology that are built into this shoe. Some of these include:

  • The outsole of the shoe has grooves that allow for traction going uphill or downhill, meaning that you can maintain a stable run no matter what ground you are running on.
  • AHAR is the high density rubber that is used on these shoes to ensure that you get many miles on this shoe before it gives out, this also helps with shock absorption while running.
  • GEL is placed in the rear of the shoe to provide more support to the heel of the foot, making your run more enjoyable.

There are several other features included with the Venture 4 that make it worthy of attention. These aspects include:

  • A removable liner in the shoe that is great for those who need to put in their own cushioning or prosthetics.
  • The interior lining is highly breathable, which ensures less sweating which can lead to blisters.
  • The mesh of the shoe is very airy, which is just another way to ensure more comfort with this shoe.
  • The weight of the shoe is around 8.7 ounces, which is lightweight when compared to other trail worthy shoes on the market.

There are several options with the Venture 4 that allows you to not only get a great fit, but to also get the style that fits your personality. The shoe is available in both medium and wide widths. There are four color options with the shoe, these are:

  • Boysenberry with lightning and mint
  • Black with iris and lime
  • Charcoal with lack and magenta
  • Charcoal with frost and green

Reviews of those who have tested these shoes are rather positive in nature. Most people comment on how the shoes had no breaking in period, as soon as they were out of the box they were ready to run in, a huge plus for many people. The only complaint that seems to occur is that those who wear the wide widths shoe often find that the toe box of the shoe is not wide enough, which can lead to these being uncomfortable.

For those who are looking at similar trail shoes offered by Asics will find that the GT 2000 2 Trail is the next step up, and is often catered towards those who run trails on a daily basis or on a professional level.

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Womens Asics Venture 4 Trail
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