Trail running is full of obstacles, but if you find that your ankles are taking the brunt force of this run, it may be time to look into a new pair of athletic shoes. The GT 2000 2 Trail is a highly rated trail shoe from Asics that is a spin off of the highly popular GT 2000 2 road model.

The numerous features of the GT 2000 2 Trail version is what makes this one of the best off road running shoes on the market. This shoe model is made for those who have a slight to mild over pronated foot.

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Womens Asics GT 2000 2 Trail Athletic Shoes

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The small details hidden inside this trainer are what make it such a popular option for those women who are looking for a proper trail shoe. These specifics include:

  • Memory foam is in the heel to ensure that the shoe molds to the foot of the woman who is wearing this, adding to the stability of the shoe and comfort.
  • The mesh upper in this shoe is breathable, along with an airy liner in the top that adds to the comfort women need when running long distances at a time.
  • The sock line has ComfortDri technology which helps to repel bacteria which can lead to no longer worrying about the smell coming from your shoe.
  • High abrasion rubber is used on the sole of the shoe which adds more grip and more cushion to the shoe.
  • Contains Fluid Ride technology that helps to deliver shock absorption throughout your run, immensely helping the user’s comfort.
  • GEL is contained in the front and at the heel to help cradle your foot while running, making it much more comfortable when tackling those trails.
  • Weighs in at 10 ounces, which is fairly light for a trail shoe compared to its competition.
  • Utilizes the IGA science which helps the shoe to go with the natural movement of your foot.

There are two color options with the GT 2000 2, meaning that you do have choices. The first is a Titanium with purple and emerald. The second choice is the Titanium with fuchsia purple and black. Both of which are gorgeous (in my humble opinion), and can fit your workout attire no matter to give you the desired look and feel.

Female athletes who have worn these trail shoes do not have many complaints. In fact, the GT 2000, the inspiration for this trail shoe, is one of the highest selling shoes that Asics has to offer due to its durability and comfort.

The only complaint is small and one that corrects itself. Women who have purchased this shoe say that at first it fits a bit snug, yet after these are worn in, they fit like a glove and work great.

If you are looking for a similar trail shoe that may be a bit lighter and is addressed to those who have a neutral or an under pronated foot, the Asics Venture 4 is another option. Though it is slightly less advanced in the technology that is used, but it could be a better option if you’re looking for a more budget trail shoe.

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Womens Asics GT 2000 2 Trail
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