Is something holding you back during your runs? In many cases, something as essential as a woman’s shoes can be the main factor that keeps her from getting the speed and distance that she desires. This is why so many women are turning to the Asics Trainer 19.

The Trainer 19 is the replacement shoe for the Trainer 18, that is no longer available. The Trainer 19 was developed for female runners who want the stability of a great running shoe, while also ensuring that they are getting the speed they desire. The shoe is designed for those with feet that slightly overpronate..

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Womens Asics GEL Trainer 19 Athletic Shoes

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The main difference that you are going to see in the Trainer 19 from the Trainer 18 is the use of new materials that allow for even more stability. For example, the sole is utilizing a compound of organic and non-organic materials that help to maintain stability even in wet conditions, something that most other running shoes on the market are not offering.

Along with the above mentioned change, there are several specifications about the Trainer 19 that makes it a shoe that is worthy to look into. These specifications are:

  • Light weight at only 8.2 ounces.
  • The construction of the shoe on the top, around the toe, does not have seams, this means that there is a less likely chance of having any irritation, which is often a complaint of many runners.
  • The mesh on the shoe is very breathable allowing a person to have the utmost of comfort while running.
  • The midsole is a light molded foam, which adds even more support to the foot and allows you to feel as though you are running on air.
  • Contains the Asics IGS system that follows the true gait of a runner, allowing the shoe to respond to this and making the run more enjoyable and pain free.
  • On the sole of the shoe, in those areas that are considered high wear, there is a high abrasion rubber used to make the shoe last for longer and wear less.

Those who have tested the Trainer 19 praise the shoe, yet there are some complaints. One the main complaints that is heard is that the toe box of the shoe feels too snug for some people.

However, this is a medium width shoe, thus those who need a wide width will find that this is not the shoe for them. Overall, the reviews are very positive as women love the colors, the feel and the way in which this shoe moves with them.

If you are looking for a different pair of athletic trainers from Asics that offer support for moderate overpronators, then you do have several choices. Our first recommendation would be to check out the Asics GT 2000 2, one of the best selling shoes that Asics offers runners.

The second recommendation would to look into the Noosa Tri 9. This model is a bit bulkier than the Trainer 19 and able to withstand various terrains. Be sure to check out all the positive reviews from fellow female athletes and discover why they women are falling in love with that model.

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Womens Asics GEL Trainer 19
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