Do you want a shoe that does it all? One that can go from pavement to wilderness as fast as your feet can go? Then the Noosa Tri 9 is the shoe of choice for those women who want to ensure that they have no limits on what they can do and where they can go.

The Noosa Tri 9 is the successor to the Noosa Tri 8, and is geared towards serving the needs for triathletes or Crossfitters who need to go from one type of running pavement to another, without slowing down. The shoe is designed specifically for female athletes who have a moderately overpronated stride, yet for many this is also considered to be a good trail type of shoe due to its ruggedness.

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Womens Asics Gel Noosa Tri 9 Athletic Shoes

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One of the biggest improvements that women will immediately notice with the Noosa Tri 9 when compared to the previous version is the seamless design. The new design is just another way in which Asics has ensured that these are going to be comfortable. They have a sleeker design, unlike the boxy design of the Noosa Tri 8.

Along with this improvement, there are several features about the Noosa Tri 9 that make it irresistible to women who demand it all in their athletic shoe:

  • Amazing color, most running shoes are dull in comparison to these wild colors, yet the colors are completely feminine and go well with one another
  • Weighs in at 8.3 ounces to ensure that it can go in whatever conditions that the woman comes up against
  • A fabric lining is on the inside, which does help to ensure that the shoe is more comfortable
  • The sock-liner is perforated, meaning that it can easily breathe, making the time you spend in these shoes more enjoyable and comfortable
  • Contains Wet Grip technology that ensures you have traction, even on wet pavement, minimizing your chances of injury
  • The Impact Guidance System is going to ensure that the shoe moves with your foot, which helps to avoid needless strain on your foot and ankle

Option wise, one of the biggest is the elastic shoelaces that are available, which gives this trainer even more appeal to those who are serious about running. In addition, there are two color options which are black with neon coral and green or flash yellow with turquoise and berry.

The majority of women who have tried these shoes have almost nothing but superb comments to share. However, the only complaint seems to concern the amount of padding in the shoe. Many women are finding too much padding, which can lead to pain. However, those who find too much padding in these shoes need to go with a shoe that has less support as their foot does not need it.

If you are looking for other options for runners who have slight to moderate overpronation, you will find that Asics offers a variety of shoes that will fit your needs.

One of the most popular options is the Asics GT 2000 2, which is possibly a better choice if your jogs take place most often on the city streets.

Those women who are looking for more of a pure trail shoe will want to check out our review of the Asics GT 2000 2 Trail shoes. These athletic shoes are built with slightly different technology than the Noosa Tri 9’s, and could be a better fit for your needs.

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Womens Asics Gel Noosa Tri 9
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