Are you looking for a trainer to make your runs more comfortable? If so, perhaps the Kayano 20 is the solution to your problem. The Kayano 20 is the 20th year anniversary for this model of shoe, and there are several improvements that women you are going to notice once they try on that first pair.

The Kayano 20 is the successor to the Kayano 19, and is designed for a woman with a slight to moderate overpronating stride.

There are small differences that a female athlete is going to notice when she goes from the Kayano 19 to the Kayano 20. The most prominent difference being that the shoe is more comfortable and is easier to run in. These two combinations make the Kayano 20 one of those shoes that you should consider for your next workout.

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The specifics technological advancements of the Kayano 20 are definitely impressive. Among these specifics are:

  • A light shoe that weighs in at around 9 ounces, which is going to be great for those athletes who don’t want a heavy shoe that will slow them down
  • The mesh in the shoe is very breathable, which does help to give the foot more comfort, especially on those hot days you may be running
  • This shoe has the FluidFit technology. Basically this technology utilizes the mesh in the shoe to help give a comfortable fit that is designed with an individual’s foot in mind. It helps to ensure that your shoe is going to fit you foot like a glove.
  • Contains a Heel Clutching System that allows you to feel more in control while wearing the shoe, and also offers the stability and cushion that you need to run at your best.
  • The insole of the shoe is memory foam which helps the shoe to adhere to your exact foot measurements
  • GEL is in the heel and toes of the shoe for added comfort and responsiveness
  • The sole has added height on it to help alleviate pain in the heel of the foot and ankle
  • The sole also contains high abrasion rubber that is not only going to have absorb more shock while running, it also helps to make sure the shoe lasts for months and years to come.

There are several options with the Kayano 20 that women can choose from. For one, there is narrow, wide and medium widths to choose from, allowing you to get the perfect fit for you foot. In addition, there are several color options. These color options include:

  • Pink with white and purple
  • Black with onyx and black
  • Black with plum and blue
  • White with island blue and electric melon

Within the Kayano 20 is also the Kayano 20 Lite Show that is the same basic technology as the Kayano 20, but it has special gel in it that absorbs the light to allow for 30 minutes of glowing in the dark, a great asset if you want to run after work.

The shoe is also a bit heavier at 11 ounces, but is one that many women find beautiful and stunning thanks to the light colors.

Most of the women who have tried the Kayano 20’s only have good things to say about them. Whether it is the great fit (as though the shoes were designed for their foot), or the ease of wearing these straight out of the box, all the reviews seem to be very positive about these trainers.

The only complaints that were reported related to the sizing being a bit smaller than what women were used to. With this being said, most women find that ordering in a half size bigger eliminated this problem.

If you are looking for another Asics shoe that offers a slight to moderate over pronation, then there are several choices. In you are training for a triathlon, or are searching for a trainer with added versatility then you will want to see our review of the Noosa Tri 9.

For a more classic road running shoe, and one that is very popular amongst female distance runners, try out the GT 2000 2 from Asics.

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Womens Asics Gel Kayano 20
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