Do you notice that your feet are hurting during and after your workout? If so, then the Asics Fortitude 3 may be the right option for your training regimen.

These athletic shoes were taken off the market momentarily, though due to the high demand from customers, these trainers were brought back by Asics. The Fortitude 3 is created for women who are severe to moderate overpronators, meaning that it offers the ultimate in comfort for those who are serious about running, yet want to ensure that they are doing this without pain.

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Womens Asics Gel Fortitude 3 Athletic Shoes

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This woman´s athletic shoe can also be a great option if you have a little extra weight, as the stability and increased cushioning will provide you with an excellent feel throughout your day.

The GEL feature on the Fortitude 3 is what makes this shoe a winner for most female athletes, and is the reason why this model is so highly desired.

There are several features about this shoe that makes most women willing to try these for the first time. These features include:

  • A ComforDry Sockliner, that is the Asics contribution to this shoe to ensure that the foot is comfortable, while also offering odor protection, something that most runners have to deal with after running in a shoe for a long period of time.
  • GEL in the rear and the front of the shoe to comfort both the heel and the front of the foot, which is one of the reasons why this shoe is so comfortable.
  • The midsole material is the patented SpEVA, which means that you have greater bounce back. Thus, when exercising the Fortitude 3 is going to allow you to get the full movement with less restriction. It is the restriction in shoes that sometimes causes pain in the foot.
  • The shoe is even more prepared to handle whatever your throw at it with the DuraSponge outsole that absorbs shock better and provides more balance and comfort. This is perfect for saving your knees during those long work days.
  • Every pair has the Asics Trusstic System throughout the midsole that is going to allow the shoe to be lighter. Since this technology deals with the sole of the shoe as well as the overall midfoot support, Asics ensures that the Fortitude 3 is lighter than other types of shoes on the market, while also providing help to your knees and ankles.

The Fortitude line by Asics has received several awards during the time that these have been on the market. Runner’s World magazine has often named the Asics Fortitude line as one of the best running shoes on the market. This should make you feel more comfortable in trying this trainer.

The Asics Fortitude 3 is only available in one color option which is the lightning, mint and black combination. However, it does come in medium or wide widths to accommodate more women runners.

For the most part, the Fortitude 3 is a highly recommended shoe by the majority of women who try it. The only compliant from a few testers is that there seems to be limited room in the toe area of the shoe. This makes it harder for some women to have the comfort that they are looking for.

If you are looking for a similar shoe that is made for athletes who may have a slight to moderate overpronating stride, consider the Asics GT 2000 2 that offers supreme fit for those with this type of foot. You´ll have the ability to choose from 3 different color options with the Asics GT 2000 2, and will save 3 ounces in the total shoe weight (9 oz for the GT versus 12 oz for the Fortitude). Just remember, less shoe weight means that you will have a little less support and cushioning, so it really depends on your specific body needs.

For those who are looking for similar models of severe to moderate overpronators was the Foundation and the Evolution. Both of these models have been discontinued. If you were a previous fan of either model, trying out a new pair of the Fortitude 3´s is the logical choice.

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Womens Asics Gel Fortitude 3
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