If you are in the market for a new shoe, or simply want a shoe that is going to do it all for you, consider the Asics GEL Flux. This is a new addition to the Asics family, and one that seems to be exciting many women who are trying out these sweet trainers.

Many female runners complain that overtime with their shoe, they start to feel the impact of running every day. They may start to feel as though their ankles are becoming stressed, their feet hurt on a daily basis, and this pain can radiate throughout their entire body. The main culprit for these feelings is usually the shoes that you are wearing.

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The Flux is geared towards those who have a neutral stride, but offers a little bit of medial support, making it a strong option for those ladies with mild overpronation. It is one shoe that seems to fit most people, making it a great all around shoe for everyone.

The Flux has many characteristics that make it an interest to runners suffering with pain throughout their entire body, which include:

  • Weighing in at 9.3 ounces.
  • SpEVA midsole which gives the shoe this cloud like feel that the body needs in order to ensure that no matter how many times they run or how hard they run, the feet are always surrounded in comfort. The midsole is going to move with your foot, rather than your foot having to forceful move it, making every run much easier.
  • The insole is made from light weight modeled foam, which is going to mold to your foot, and allow for a more cushion like feel.
  • The fabric used to make the shoe is very breathable, which is a great way to avoid feeling as though your feet are blistering due to wetness that may be locked into the shoe
  • GEL is in the front and heel of the shoe to ensure that you have the most comfortable shoe that is on the market.
  • The sole of the shoe is made from high abrasion rubber that is going to help with ensuring the shoes last for several runs, while also giving the shoe more stability.

There are several options with the Asics Flux, these options are numerous widths and colors available. In terms of widths, the person can choose from a medium or wide width, allowing the shoe to accommodate more foot sizes.

The color options include glacier with white and hot coral, blue with white and hot pink, and lightning with white and mint.

Women who have tried these shoes are bragging about how comfortable the athletic shoe is with the supreme amount of cushion that it contains. In fact, the majority have only positive reviews of this new model.

The only complaint seems to be that many women are having to order a half size bigger than normal in order to get the fit needed due to the extreme cushion that is in this shoe.

The Asics Flux is made from a wide arrange of feet, thus if you are looking for another model of shoe that is going to fit the bill as the Flux, you are going to find that there are not many who can fit these many types of feet.

However, those female athletes with neutral stride may also want to consider the latest edition of the Nimbus 15. Check out the reviews and you’ll start to understand why women love the look and feel of this trainer.

If your workouts require a shoe that has a speedier feel to it, you’ll want to take a peak at our review of the minimalist Hyper Speed 6 from Asics, which may just help you shave precious seconds off your PR.

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Womens Asics Gel Flux
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