The Asics GT 2160 is the latest addition to Asics’ acclaimed running shoe line, the 2000 series. The Asics 2000 line is the best selling line in the industry, and has won numerous awards making it a powerful shoe to consider.

Like the extremely popular Asics GT 2150, the 2160 is built for neutral to moderate overpronators. The shoe contains Asics’ DUOMAX support in the arch to provide the motion control that overpronating runners need.

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Asics GT 2160 Trail Running Shoes

Asics GT 2160 Asics GT 2160 Asics GT 2160 Asics GT 2160
Asics GT 2160 Asics GT 2160 Asics GT 2160 Asics GT 2160 Mens
Asics GT 2160 Mens Asics GT 2160 Womens Asics GT 2160 Womens Asics GT 2160 Womens

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In order to provide a cushioned run, the Asics 2160 contains GEL in the heel and forefoot, which adds superior comfort. Additionally, the segmented flex grooves in the outsole increases the flexibility of the shoe, and allows the runner to better transition from heel strike to toe-off.

Having one of the most popular running shoes on the market with the Asics 2150, the designers of the Asics 2160 didn’t have to change much. Nevertheless, several subtle changes were made to make the shoe even better.

The most significant change occurs with the addition of Asics’ “guidance line,” now visible in the outsole. The guidance line extends across the midsole of the shoe and improves the transition from heel strike to toe-off.

Whereas the Asics 2150 contained memory foam in the medial side of the heel, the Asics 2160 improves on this by adding memory foam to both lateral and medial sides. This allows the shoe to fit specifically to your heel, minimizing slippage during your run.

The Asics 2160 is also slightly lighter than the 2150, making it the lightest version of this line to date. Designers also improved the Solyte insole in the shoe, slightly varying the densities to make the ride more cushioned and comfortable.

Is Asics GT 2160 The Best Running Shoe For Me?

More and more runners swear by the Asics 2000 line. The shoes combine the three big factors: performance, comfort, and fit. Finding a way to extract the best from these variables has made this a perennial choice for awards and acclaims.

For as many runners that rave about the complete package found in the Asics 2160 and Asics GT 2150, there are always individuals who are less than impressed.

The major complaint was that the shoe lacks durability. Runners running off road or doing cross training exercises can have problems with the upper mesh tearing. This obviously is a concern to consider if you run aggressively on trails.

The positives recommendations for the Asics 2160 are overwhelming, and the model simply gets better over the already impressive Asics GT 2150. This shoe definitely warrants consideration for neutral to moderate overpronators, and should be at the top of your final decision list.

Runners that like getting on the trails should consider the trail version of the shoe. The Asics 2160 Trail is one of our favorite Asics Trail Running Shoes, because it takes the best of the Asics 2160 road version and makes it more versatile.

The upper mesh on the Asics 2160 Trail is a tighter weave than the road version. It is also water resistant and is ideal for runners getting out in wet conditions. Additionally, the tred pattern on the Asics 2160 Trail is redesigned to provide additional grip for slick surfaces.

If picking between the Asics GT 2160 and the Asics 2160 Trail, analyze where you run. No matter your decision, you will have a quality shoe that is both reliable and comfortable.

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