The Asics GEL Kinetic 3 is designed for athletes demanding the most out of their running shoe. This shoe packs the newest technological advances from Asics, and epitomizes running science at its finest.

Like many other top running shoes from Asics, the sole of the Kinetic 3 contains the patented “guidance line” which extends from heel to toe. This improves the transition from heel to toe-off and creates a repeatable and correct foot strike.

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Asics GEL Kinetic 3 Running Shoes

Asics GEL Kinetic 3 Mens Asics GEL Kinetic 3 Asics GEL Kinetic 3 Asics GEL Kinetic 3
Asics GEL Kinetic 3 Asics GEL Kinetic 3 Asics GEL Kinetic 3 Asics GEL Kinetic 3 Mens
Asics GEL Kinetic 3 Mens Asics GEL Kinetic 3 Womens Asics GEL Kinetic 3 Womens Asics GEL Kinetic 3 Womens

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The Asics Kinetic 3 really separates itself from other Asics models with the development of the heel clutching system. To reduce the weight of the shoe, they have moved the heel support to the outside of the shoe, creating an exoskeleton that provides the stability you require at a fraction of the weight.

Additionally, the Kinetic 3 is comprised of Asics’ new cuprothermo material. This technological advancement allows the shoe to breathe with its surroundings. It acts as a climate control system, regulating the temperature to cool when you’re hot, and to keep your feet warm under wintry conditions.

There was one major gripe over past Kinetic models. All the technological advances were great, but that came at a cost of extra weight. To address this issue, the designers recreated the Kinetic, and were able to reduce weight by over 1.5 ounces.

As previously mentioned, the development of the heel clutching system allows the GEL Kinetic 3 to provide the same solid heel support, but significantly cuts material weight. Ironically, this redesign also improved the cushioning of the GEL shock absorption material.

Is Asics GEL Kinetic 3 The Best Running Shoe For Me?

The Asics Kinetic 3 can be a great shoe for serious runners, and is paced with the finest advancements to make your run as comfortable as possible. However, the Kinetic 3 is one of the more expensive Asics shoes and may not be right for every runner’s budget.

The shoelaces on the Asics GEL Kinetic have an asymmetric design following your bone structure. While many runners found this attribute helpful in reducing pressure points and improving comfort, others found this lacing to be uncomfortable and annoying.

For runners serious about their training, the Kinetic may be the perfect investment. The Asics Kinetic fits a number of foot types from moderate overpronators to underpronators, and everyone in between. The shoe provides a strong balance of effective cushioning with the motion control that overpronators need.

Runners looking for this same great balance, without some of the latest advancements may want to consider the best selling Asics GT 2160. Both shoes are great options for normal and moderate pronators, but differ in the materials and tools included.

The Asics GEL Cumulus 12 is another superb option for athletes with this foot type. However, if you demand the most out of your running shoe and wish to kick your training up a notch, the Asics Kinetic may be the best shoe for you.

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