The Asics GEL Foundation 9 is the latest member in the Asics Foundation line, and is consistently recognized as one the best options amongst overpronating shoes.

This shoe is designed for flat footed runners who suffer from severe to moderate overpronation. It can also be a strong option for bigger runners that need added stability and a wider base to support their feet.

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Asics GEL Foundation 9 Running Shoes

Asics GEL Foundation 9 Mens Asics GEL Foundation 9 Asics GEL Foundation 9 Asics GEL Foundation 9
Asics GEL Foundation 9 Asics GEL Foundation 9 Asics GEL Foundation 9 Asics GEL Foundation 9 Womens

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The shoe features a relatively wider base, allowing extra room in the forefoot. The shoe manages to balance flexibility with the support that overpronators require, a feature not common in motion control shoes.

If you look at the inner sole of the Asics Foundation 9, you’ll notice the gray support bar. This is Asics’ patented DUOMAX support piece, which provides the majority of the support that overpronators require.

As with other running shoes from Asics, the midsoles contain the GEL cushioning system, which helps absorb shock in the front and heel of the shoe. This cushioning allows the runner to flow through their stride, transitioning from heel strike to toe-off.

Very little has changed between the Asics GEL Foundation 8 and Foundation 9.

You will notice an updated look compared to previous models, and the option for a wide or extra wide fit.

There is a small difference in the bunion region of the shoe, next to the big toe. The window in the Foundation 9 has been widened, allowing for a tighter fit and more flexibility during toe-off.

Is Asics GEL Foundation 9 The Best Running Shoe For Me?

Many runners praised the Asics Foundation for its supportive nature, while still providing a smooth, comfortable feel. It helped minimize the tendency to overpronate, but can require some time to break in the shoe. Your foot may be sore as it learns to correct past habits, and mesh with the shoe.

As often is the case with overpronating shoes, the Asics Foundation 9 can feel bulky at times. This may not be the best option if you are lighter in stature. The Asics Foundations also come with a sock liner, which felt more invasive than supportive to some runners.

Nevertheless, the Foundation 9 is praised more often than not for being a great value. They are one of the value options for overpronators, but contain numerous tools to help you run in comfort.

There is a solid reason why the Asics Foundation is one of the best options for overpronators. Asics doesn’t change much about this shoe because runners love it and it simply works.

While some runners may opt for Asics premier overpronating shoe, the Asics GEL Evolution 6, the Foundation 9 is a great combination of quality, support, and value. These are superb qualities for any runner looking for a motion control shoe.

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