Looking for the premier motion control shoe from Asics? Look no further than the Asics GEL Evolution 6. This shoe is designed for severe overpronators that are looking for both significant support and flexibility.

The Asics Evolution separates itself from other Asics shoes by including maximum wedge support at its base. This fortifies the shoe, but also eases the transition from heel strike to toe-off.

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Asics GEL Evolution 6 Running Shoes

Asics GEL Evolution 6 Asics GEL Evolution 6 Asics GEL Evolution 6 Asics GEL Evolution 6
Asics GEL Evolution 6 Asics GEL Evolution 6 Asics GEL Evolution 6 Asics GEL Evolution 6 Womens

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The unique design doesn’t stop there. The heel of the outsole extends up the medial side of the shoe, improving flexibility and adding extra support for overpronating strides.

As with all shoes in GEL line, the Asics Foundation contains cushioning packets. However, in the Foundation the GEL packets are precisely placed around pressure points on the outsole.

Along with the improved segmentations in the outsole, these factors allow the Evolution to absorb shock, providing a smoother ride.

Starting in 2011, the company released the Asics GEL Evolution 6, which came with some significant changes over the popular Evolution 5.

The shoe comes with a sleek, monotone gray color scheme. The Evolution 6 is designed with additional support in the midsole, further enforcing its ability to serve even the most extreme overpronators with impressive comfort.

The upper half of the shoe remains relatively similar. There are a few changes in the lacing area, which was designed to reduce pressure points and irritation experienced by some runners.

Is Asics GEL Evolution 6 The Best Running Shoe For Me?

Many runners who experience a large degree of overpronation find the Asics Evolution to be a great option. The shoe combines significant motion control with its ability to stay flexible, due to the wedge support system.

For larger runners, the Evolution provides significant cushion, easing the knee pain that is oftentimes experienced.

However, many runners found the extra motion control to be bulky, adding to the weight of the shoe. All the support mechanisms can also make the shoe feel tight around the arch, potentially causing blisters as the foot becomes accustomed to its new surroundings.

Due to its added features over the Asics Foundation line, the Asics Evolution also comes at a premium in price. Individuals will have to weigh this tradeoff and determine whether this premium support is justified.

The Asics GEL Evolution comes with significant features, which make it a very solid choice for severe overpronators. The line won Runners World’s Editor’s Choice Award, and continues to improve on the model with the advances in the Evolution 6.

For overpronating runners that do not need the extra support systems in the Asics Evolution 6, the Asics GEL Foundation 9 is a solid choice and comes at a good value.

If still unsure which model is best, try them both out! Either way, you’ll end up with a great shoe that will ease your overpronation and help prevent running injuries.

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