When you’re concerned with looks and performance, you want a shoe that can have you running the trails with ease, and in style. With the Adidas Vigor 4 trail running shoes you’ll get an affordable trainer designed for runs off the beaten path.

Like their running counterparts, models of trail shoes line the shelves of stores in a plethora of styles and price points. With the anatomical structure of peoples’ feet varying, it’s important to purchase a shoe that fits properly and functions in a way that benefits the wearer. With the right shoe comes enhanced performance, which is a benefit you definitely want when you’re running on terrain other than pavement.

With the Adidas Vigor 4, you’ll get a shoe that is toted as being incredibly durable, comfortable and a more lightweight trail shoe than others on the market. Designed for rugged terrains, you can set out to explore Mother Nature in a pair of shoes that can withstand rough conditions, wet or dry.

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Womens Adidas Vigor 4 Trail Athletic Shoes

Adidas Vigor 4 Trail Adidas Vigor 4 Trail Adidas Vigor 4 Trail Adidas Vigor 4 Trail
Adidas Vigor 4 Trail Adidas Vigor 4 Trail Adidas Vigor 4 Trail Adidas Vigor 4 Trail
Adidas Vigor 4 Trail Adidas Vigor 4 Trail

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These sturdy trail athletic shoes are an affordable option for those female athletes who want to start blazing landscapes that aren’t concrete and for those already trekking through grass and mud.

More innovative in design, the Vigor 4 offers a modern style that is a bold infusion of mesh and synthetic leather available in some fun and vibrant color combinations like mint with bright orange and pink accents/details, and coral with brightly accented details named solar slime and glow coral.

An overwhelming majority of trail runners wearing the Adidas Vigor 4 has them raving about how much they love this particular style. From the aesthetics to the shoe’s comfort level and from the grip of the tread to their performance capabilities, this model of trail shoes is one that wearers are purchasing again and again for their trail running footwear.

Complaints about this model are mostly geared towards their functionality in extreme races that include trail running and obstacles. Some wearers cite that the Vigor 4 is not good for obstacles, as the bottom of the shoes are too hard and they get slippery on some surfaces. Other testers cite that the shoes feel a bit heavy, but this is always in comparison to their running shoes.

Traditional athletic shoes lack the tread that is necessary to grip the rough terrain, so trail shoes will always feel heavier, however, avid trail runners did cite that the Vigor 4 is much lighter in comparison to other trail shoes on the market.

Most reviewers revealed that the Adidas Vigor 4 fits pretty close to size, with only a few wearers citing the need to go up a half-size to accommodate their wider feet.

So, what else makes the Adidas Vigor 4 a candidate for your next off-road trainer? There are several technical features that make this affordable model a great choice, including:

  • Stylish combination of mesh for maximum breathability and synthetic leather for durability.
  • ADIPRENE in the shoe’s heel gives you optimum shock absorption at the point of impact.
  • A plush tongue and padded collar increase your comfort, while the heel tab makes this style easy for you to slip on and off.
  • An EVA midsole that molds to your feet, but doesn’t add weight or bulk, giving you the cushioning you need for a comfortable run.
  • A TRAXION outsole whose ruggedness grips the terrain, wet or dry, no matter how your foot hits the landscape; with a durable ADIWEAR outsole that gives you a shoe that stands up to the wear-and-tear.

For the stylish trail runner, these shoes are the epitome of functionality and style. The technical features will enhance your runs, while the design itself will have you make a bold color statement on the trails.

If you don’t want to call too much attention to yourself and you yearn for a trail shoe that looks more like a traditional running shoe, the Kanadia 6 from Adidas is slightly heavier than the Vigor 4, but a comparable model that wearers of the Vigor 4 have cited as a great alternative and equally affordable.

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Womens Adidas Vigor 4 Trail
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