Are you tired of pounding just the pavement on your runs when your shoes don’t meet your expectations? Immerse yourself in Mother Nature and kick things up a notch by venturing out onto the trails in the newest version of the Kanadia 6 from Adidas.

To adapt to the difference in landscape, you’ll need a pair of shoes that you can trust to have your best interest in mind and you’ll be happy to know that you can get just that, with these updated trail running shoes.

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Womens Adidas Kanadia 6 Trail Athletic Shoes

Adidas Kanadia 6 Trail Adidas Kanadia 6 Trail Adidas Kanadia 6 Trail Adidas Kanadia 6 Trail
Adidas Kanadia 6 Trail Adidas Kanadia 6 Trail Adidas Kanadia 6 Trail Adidas Kanadia 6 Trail

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Similar to traditional pavement running shoes, trail shoes come in a wide range of styles and price points. Designed to grip the rugged and varying terrain of trails, these shoes are built for functionality and aren’t typically as stylish as their running shoe counterparts.

With Adidas trail shoes, like the Kanadia 6, you won’t have to sacrifice too much style, as these shoes are also built with aesthetics in mind. This trainer offers you a bit of a bold color pop, coming in a bright pink with white accents and black treads/soles, and as more subdued tech grey with black accents, followed by a pop of orange on the treads/soles.

The Adidas Kanadia 6 is a traditional trail shoe in that it is built more like a running shoe, but beefed up on steroids. The upper is more rugged in appearance and structure with a strengthened toe box and a sole with heavily treads.

Traditional heel strikers will find that the cushioning in the heel is adequate for their needs, with some wearers citing that the shoe’s padding may be better suited for a heavier footed heel striker wanting to clock some easy trail miles.

These athletic shoes are toted as a popular go-to shoe for easy trails with its ability to grip the terrain, wet or dry, with ease. More seasoned trail runners, however, have complained that that the lugs on the shoes are too hard, making this shoe not as impressive when dealing with rockier terrains.

Other female testers have cited that this shoe is pretty heavyweight as compared to other styles, which is more of a concern to those runners looking for a lightweight trail shoe to give them optimum performance in a trail race. The shoe’s heel drop has also posed a problem to some wearers after encountering tricky terrain, with mentions of some unevenness in their run.

With the right trail shoe, you’ll easily be able to conquer any landscape. While these shoes might not be the best for a rocky terrain, they are more than suitable for mud and grass, making them a popular choice for rookie trail runners and those just wanting to stick to the backwoods. Their affordability only increases their popularity, making the Kanadia 6 a smart choice for all budgets.

So, aside from its attractive price point, what else makes the Adidas Kanadia 6 your next pair of trail shoes? There are several great technical features that enhance these shoes functionality, including:

  • A breathable upper mesh that optimizes ventilation, keeping your feet cool on your runs.
  • ADIPRENE padding that serves as a lightweight shock absorber, cushioning your heels and protecting them from the repeated impact of running.
  • Adida’s fit-stripe panel keeps your foot feeling secure and stylish, with a tight grip of comfort on the upper.
  • The signature mud-shredding outsole acts as a splash guard giving you a show that won’t hold onto mud.
  • The TRAXION cleat design and ADIWEAR outsole gives you a durable shoe with incredible grip strength on a variety of terrains, without added discomfort to the wearer.

As if the attractive price point wasn’t enough, these trainers are durable and functional which creates a trifecta of proof that these trail shoes are a great investment. Most complaints stem around the shoe being uneven when running on rocky terrain, but for those who don’t live in an area with trails like that, these shoes are perfect for local muddy and grassy terrains.

With a shoe that has so much to offer, at a very reasonable price, it’s no wonder that trail runners, newbies and veterans alike, flock to these shoes.

If you’d like to check out other comparable trail running options from Adidas, the Vigor 4 is a great shoe to check out. It has a more innovative, rugged style than the Kanadia 6, which still has the appearance of a traditional Adidas running shoe.

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Womens Adidas Kanadia 6 Trail
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