5k’s are awesome! But before you reach the starting line, follow this 5k training schedule and you will get that first race t-shirt!

So why are 5k’s the perfect race for almost any runner?

5k Training Schedule Jog

(1) It’s a great first race to get you exposed to the whole experience,

(2) It can be great training to remind you of race day logistics,

(3) A great confidence booster for seasoned runners, and

(4) It’s great fun!

Roughly 40% of organized races are 5ks, so you are always able to find an event to participate in.

I recommend this distance to anyone starting out running, and those who are new to the whole experience.

It’s an easy way to get started with racing, and learn what to expect during races before you move on to the next stage: 10k’s.

Father & Son 5k Race

Plus, it has a strange way of getting you hooked on running! If you need help rebuilding that motivation that you rely so much upon, sign up for a local 5k and start training.

I also recommend 5k races to seasoned runners. Sure, it’s not going to push your limits, but it’s a way to keep your hand in the game.

I always incorporate a few 5k and 10k events into my training for longer distances like half marathons.

Its keeps things fun, reminds me of why I love running, and I never fail to get that feeling of accomplishment after crossing the finish line.

The below 5k schedule is geared for the beginning runner, but not someone who is just starting the sport all together. If you fall into the latter category, check out our beginning runner training, and then, come back and join us on the next 5k.

Parent & Child Running

However, if you have been running, and are debating whether to run your first 5k race, just bite the bullet and sign up! Get started today on this easy-to-follow 5k training schedule.

Don’t worry about your pace. Whether you have to run or walk, get in your miles. Soon enough you will be a 5k pro!

After your training is complete, be sure to check out our race day checklist!

RunPals 5k Training Program

1 rest 1 x-train* 1 rest 1 1 4
2 rest 1 x-train 1 rest 1 1.5 4.5
3 rest 1.5 x-train 1.5 rest 1 1.5 5.5
4 rest 1.5 x-train 1.5 rest 1 2 6
5 rest 1.5 x-train 1.5 rest 1.5 2.5 7
6 rest 2 x-train 1.5 rest 1.5 3 8
7 rest 2 x-train 1 rest 1 2 6
8 rest rest x-train rest rest rest RACE DAY! 5k! BRAVO

*Our favorite cross training exercises for runners.