You’ve passed the first real challenge (5k) and are now ready to tackle the 10k training schedule. Follow this program and you will successfully navigate those 6.2 miles and have a new personal best to show!

If I had to choose, I would say that 10K races are my favorite to run. I often find it hard to stick with a running routine, so for people like me who go in running waves, 10ks are the perfect distance for gratification.

10k Training Schedule Jog

As a matter of fact, my first race was the 10k Cooper River Bridge Run in Charleston, SC. I had no idea what to expect, much less that “running programs or schedules” even existed to help you prepare for such an event.

Growing up, I have always been really active. In highschool it was basketball, volleyball, and softball. In college it was intramurals every semester. Post-college, I resorted to my only remaining outlet – my one-man sport and competition – running.

At the time that I finished my first 10K, I was running regularly, and working out at the gym. The combination of these workouts definitely helped me get over the finish line.

Now with more races under my belt, I feel older and wiser to the whole process. There is a method that precedes the madness!

There are several things that can improve your 10k results and overall experience, such as proper diet and stretching techniques. But the most important thing is sticking to a running schedule that increases your endurance and stamina.

Women's 10k Race

Below is the training schedule for a 10k race. But, feel free to modify it for your own fitness level or schedule. For, example, start out on week 3, or rotate the entire cycle to have your rest days on poker night.

Most importantly, get out there and push yourself to go farther than yesterday, and a little faster than last week.

This 10k is yours to take!

After your 10k training schedule is complete, be sure to check out our race day checklist!

RunPals 10k Training Program

1 rest 1 x-train* 1 rest 1 2 5
2 rest 1 x-train 1 x-train 1 3 6
3 rest 2 x-train 2 rest 1 3 8
4 rest 2 x-train 2 x-train 1 4 9
5 rest 3 x-train 2 rest 2 4 11
6 rest 3 x-train 3 x-train 2 5 13
7 rest 4 x-train 3 rest 3 5 15
8 rest 4 x-train 4 x-train 3 6 17
9 rest 3 x-train 3 rest 2 4 12
10 rest rest x-train rest x-train rest RACE DAY! 10k! BRAVO

*Our favorite cross training exercises for runners.